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The Christian Island Flag

About The Christian Island Theme

The idea of Christian Island was though up on 1999. Another idea, called The Yellows Club which was named after Joseph’s favorite color, yellow, was started in 1999 when its founder was nine years old in the ’90s to support and make history for Christian Island. The Yellows Club would change its name to The Christian Island Club on January 18, 2004 at Joseph’s 14th Birthday Party and has been The Christian Island Club ever since.

Now how did the idea of starting a new nation begin? It began in 1999 when a nine-year old boy thought of a nation. This boy, whose name was Joseph Ross, wanted his idea of a new nation to be a nation under God and not under the Devil. He wanted it to have freedom to do what is right in the eyes of God and not have freedom to wrong.

He spent a lot of his time thinking. Thinking of his idea. The idea of a new nation under God for real and for always. He spent a good amount of time studying American history, which eventually helped him think up of his big idea of a new nation, but when he was older he changed the nation idea into something else that is a big theme instead which includes the club.

August 2019: 20 Years Of Christian Island, The Flag, & The Club

The Christian Island Flag

On August 19, 1999, The Christian Island Flag was made by Joseph Ross’ Mother for him and Christian Island, 20 years ago. August 19, 2019 is The 20th Anniversary Of The Christian Island Flag and The 20th Honorary Anniversary Of Christian Island, The Theme, and The Christian Island Club. Happy 20th Anniversary To Christian Island! Thank You to everybody whose been there for Christian Island for the past twenty years and we look forward to another twenty years and more years to come.

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