Color Star

Hello and welcome to The Color Star Company. Color Star is Joseph Ross’ first business and he thought of it in 2000 when he was 10 and is its Founder, President, CEO, and Chairman. Color Star is A Christian Island Club Company. More information about Color Star is provided below.
Color Star
e at Color Star are a production, software, network, and news company which will produce, run, own, distribute, and sell various content from print to electronic media. Our divisions are Color Star Productions, Color Star Software, the maintainer of this web site, Color Star NEWS, our news service, and The Color Star Network, an upcoming TV & Internet Channel. We plan to debut our company and its products, to you.Color Star Productions, Color Star Software, Color Star NEWS, and The Color Star Network are owned by their parent corporation, Color Star, who is owned by its parent corporation, The Christian Island Club, and its President, Joseph Ross.
Color Star Productions
​Hello and welcome to Color Star Productions. I’m Joseph Ross, and Color Star Productions is a big part of my dream company, Color Star, and a subdivision of it, which in turn is owned by The Christian Island Club and myself.Here at Color Star Productions, our goal is to create, distribute, and sell stories, songs, videos, and other forms of entertainment, multimedia, news, and other cool things to people everywhere. We are the group that, second to the author himself, owns and creates all of the stories and songs by Joseph Ross.
​Color Star Software
​Hello and welcome to Color Star Software. We will make, distribute, and sell programs, mobile apps, games, and maybe create and sell an operating system someday. We are a division of The Color Star Company, and currently maintain this website through Color Star Online and The Christian Island Club’s Christian Island Online. We plan on opening when or after Color Star does.
Color Star NEWS
Color Star NEWS
​Hello and welcome to Color Star News. Color Star News is the news division of Color Star, and the main news service of The Christian Island Club. We also do joint news work with our content partners at JCR News & Christian Island News, which are part of The Christian Island Club News Family. Color Star NEWS plans on being a big news company and will be the news part of Color Star’s The Color Star Network and this website and other websites that are part of the businesses of Joseph Ross and The Christian Island Club Companies. Color Star NEWS will have a news show called Color Star NEWS World Report.
The Color Star Network
Hello and welcome to The Color Star Network. We are an upcoming TV & Internet Channel. We might debut in 2019 on our website,, and on YouTube and maybe Facebook Live. We will either be a 24/7 channel or on a live stream basis. The channel will start on the internet and hopefully become a TV channel someday. We will have various content from talk, entertainment, game, news, reality, YouTube shows and videos, live event shows, to Sunday programming by Christian Island TV. Color Star Productions will be the company to startup the network and will produce some-all of the content on the channel, and Color Star NEWS will be the news service of The Color Star Network. The first show to air on the network will be The Liberty Entertainment Special after The Color Star Network first opens and starts broadcasting. The Liberty Entertainment Special will be hosted by Joseph Ross and co-produced by Color Star and Joseph Ross Productions and Liberty Business Entertainment. When the channel is on you will be to watch The Color Star Network on and on YouTube and maybe Facebook Live as well.

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