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elcome to The Christian Island Club’s web page. The Christian Island Club (The Christian Island Club Corporation) is about Christian Island, the fan club of Joseph Ross, and is also about its club members and is a Christian social group that is open to all. The head of the club is also a board and soon to be corporation called The Christian Island Club Corporation and it owns and runs The Color Star Company, and more businesses and services including The Christian Island Club Newsletter for club members. The President Of The Club is Joseph Ross, and its board members are Dorian Alexander, formerly known as David Hall, who is The Vice President Of The Christian Island Club, Jacob Boston, Eric Gleason who is The Director Of The Christian Island Club, and Matt Patti who is The Vice President Of Color Star. If you are not a member and you would like to join us please click on the Facebook button or go to Facebook and search Facebook Groups for The Christian Island Club, and then after either clicking on the Facebook button or after searching for us, send us a group request and you’ll be quickly added or when the club’s President is online at the group, and you will become a member of The Christian Island Club.
The Christian Island Club
CIC (Christian Island Club) News

The Christian Island Club will be opening some cooperate divisions (Christian Island Club Companies) including Color Star, Inc., which will produce, run, and own various content from print to electronic media by Color Star Productions, to software by Color Star Software including Color Star Online which maintains this website and all Color Star websites, and an television and internet TV network by The Color Star Network, Inc. called The Color Star Network.

The History Of The Idea Of Christian Island & Its Club
The idea of Christian Island was though up on 1999. Another idea, called The Yellows Club which was named after Joseph’s favorite color, yellow, was started in 1999 when its founder was nine years old in the ’90s to support and make history for Christian Island.

Now how did the idea of starting a new nation begin? It began in 1999 when a nine-year old boy thought of a nation. This boy, whose name was Joseph Ross, wanted his idea of a new nation to be a nation under God and not under the Devil. He wanted it to have freedom to do what is right in the eyes of God and not have freedom to wrong.

He spent a lot of his time thinking. Thinking of his idea. The idea of a new nation under God for real and for always. He spent a good amount of time studying American history, which eventually helped him think up of his big idea of a new nation, but when he was older he changed the nation idea into something else that is a big theme instead which includes the club.

Our Early History And Future Plans
He also spent a lot of his time building up the club and developing it. In 1999, it began to grow. It is estimated in that year the club had five members. The next year, in the very beginning of The New Millennium – 2000, the club had ten. The club government, in 2000, began to form. Joseph, the club founder and owner, made himself the first-in-command. David and then Evan and then back to David Hall, was made second-in-command. The next year in 2001, the club had some 15-20 club members and two state-locations, two “official” places to meet. On January 18 2004 at Joseph Ross’ 14th Birthday, The Yellows Club changed its name from The Yellows Club to The Christian Island Club. It also created the senior counsel with some of Joseph’s best friends and made Joseph Ross its chairman. Five years later in 2009, the first and second in command positions became the president and vice president positions and the senior counsel became the club board and will one day become The Christian Island Club Corporation with Joseph Ross being The President, CEO, and Chairman.

We will eventually have a newsletter, The Christian Island Club Newsletter, and more content to come for the club’s part of the website and all of the website including a store to buy and order cool products and gifts from including Color Star items.

And Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even if he dies physically, will have life.”
-John 11:25 The Everyday Bible

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